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We know you are good with this 😎. However, as we said, “Shop Like Never Before” and we mean it. How? You downloaded the app, right? Go and explore!



Indeed! There is a cashback for everything you buy and can be used everywhere on anything! No rules or hidden games.

Shopping from a different angle

Your location is the new mall. Explore what is around you then shop and earn cashback. Fair and flexible.

What we offer

We offer a Perfect Solution

One app includes everything you ever used in the online and offline shopping experience. In addition to that, a cashback system that works all year long, never stops! Shop more, earn more, and you can use it in anything. For example, buy a phone then use the cashback to buy your groceries.


What we offer

PaxMinutes is created for you

We are shoppers also, so we know what you want. We used the apps and websites you were using to order from and we went through the same stores' shopping experiences. We didn't like it also. So we decided to RAISE the shopping game. Just for you! Why? Because we believe if we don’t do it, then for now and forever, new apps would pop up, with new things that your old app doesn't have, again and again, which will make the shopping experience stressful! It will take you time to think which app was doing what! We solve it, ONE app. Everything included.







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